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On Saturday evening, the board of organizers of this years Warpstock Europe and Mensys invite you to a very special social event: A free canalboat night cruise through the old town of Haarlem.

Since there is a limited capacity available, we kindly request all interested visitors to sign up at the registration desk on Saturday right after lunch. In case we have more people wanting to join than seats on the 2 chartered boats we will have to organize an ad-hoc raffle amongst the remaining participants. 

The boat(s) will weigh anchor at 21:00 (9.00 pm), however it is recommended to be at the site not later than 20:45 (8.45 pm). The duration of the trip is approx. 90 minutes.

Here's what to expect from the cruise:

cruise logistics

The cruise will start and end at the same pier, which is about 2km (1.2 mi) from the LaPlace. That makes it a nice evening walk from the WSE event site (if weather conditions allow for it of course...).

Note that there is no organized shuttle bus between the event site and the boat pier.

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Spaarne 11a
2011 CC Haarlem

Website of operating company:

Map view of the cruise pier