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APP06 Managing operating systems with AiR-BOOT

Friday 15:15 La Place Feestzaal
Thursday 16:00 La Place Feestzaal

AiR-BOOT, originally developed by Martin Kiewitz, is an extremely versatile, rock solid and feature-rich boot manager. As such, it has become the preferred choice of many people for managing their multiple operating system setups, be it in a classic dual-boot only scenario or for managing a complex configuration with 3 or more operating systems on multiple primary and extended partitions which are inter-accessible (or not, by intention).

This session will give a brief description of the boot process in general, leading to an explanation of the limitations of the OS/2 boot manager and why it had to be replaced. Furthermore, the extensions that were made to AiR-BOOT for use with eComStation are discussed, along with an overview of the current feature set.