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Gerrit Schoenmaker (Netherlands)

Gerrit Schoenmaker

Studying Biology at the Free University in Amsterdam, Gerrit Schoenmaker
has specialized in Microbiology. After getting his master degree he did scientific
research for several years as a PhD student on membrane bound hydrogen generating enzyme systems in bacteria. After about 4 years of scientific work he changed his life style and took over his parent's dairy farm.

In the early 90's he became a dedicated OS/2 user as it was that time the only
possibility to run DOS software related to agriculture business in a multitasking environment. However the political, agriculture and physical climate in the Netherlands has changed and after 23 years of farming he decided to give his life a new turn.

After 1 year of employment at an IBM hardware reseller, he got a job as product manager for NetOp® Software at Mensys BV, a Dutch software reseller who is well known in the OS/2 world also, being the company behind the R & D of eComStation, the modern OEM version of IBM's OS/2. Working all day with eComStation and OS/2 might explain why Gerrit Schoenmaker became chairman of the Dutch OS/2 and eCS user as well.