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Speakers and their presentations are the heart and soul of each Warpstock Europe event—and one of the main reasons why people attend it. In order to streamline the process of becoming a speaker and to ease a speaker's life, we have put together the key facts, some frequently asked questions, and a download area providing official slide templates and a speaker manual that helps you getting started.

In case you are missing specific information or answers to your questions, get in contact with our Presentation Manager.

Key Facts at a Glance

  • Presentations are held in English.
  • Presentations are repeated at least once and on a different day.
    There might be exceptions like workshops lasting half a day or more, or panel discussions.
  • Speakers are restricted to a maximum of 2 different presentations during the event.
    Exceptions are possible in case of teamed presentations only.
  • You will have to submit the following along with your presentation suggestion:
    • a description of yourself (or an update if a description already exists),
    • a photograph (picture) of yourself,
    • an abstract of the presentation content or topic, and
    • a statement on which days you are able to do the presentation(s).
  • You will have to submit the presentation material (slides, etc.) at least 1 week before the event starts.

The process

The following is a chronological description of the process of becoming a speaker. It includes duties, deliverables, and deadlines:

  1. Submit your suggestion to the Presentation Manager.
  2. Once accepted by the event team, the Presentation Manager will ask you
    • to submit the following for our website:
      • a summary/abstract of the presentation or its topic,
      • a description of the speaker (you), and
      • a photograph of you.
    • how long the presentation(s) last in times of 45-minute chunks, and
    • for your availability during the event days (for the schedule planning).
  3. Inform the Presentation Manager about any special requirements you may have regarding the presentation room or facilities (e.g., internet connectivity, full darkening possible, a provided computer or flipchart, etc.).
  4. You may then start preparing your presentation material:
    • Make an effort to use our official templates.
    • Don't use font sizes below 14 points since they are too small to be readable from back rows.
    • Note the other hints contained in the templates.
  5. Submit all your presentation material to the Presentation Manager no later  than 1 week before the event starts.
  6. Take your presentation with you to Warpstock Europe, either
    • in your preferred format and on your own machine, or
    • as a PDF file on a removable device.
  7. Until the event starts, have a look for changes in the schedule and/or according notifications from the Presentation Manager.
  8. At the event, get in contact with the Presentation Manager so he knows you're there.

This is only a rough compilation of the basics and essential steps involved. For more information, please refer to the speaker FAQ and grab a copy of the speakers manual from the download area if desired: It pretty much covers everything in detail, ranging from where to get topic ideas up to best practices for doing presentations.

Note: The speakers manual is not available yet!

The official presentation templates will be available in the near future.

Speakers FAQ

How can I change existing slides to your templates with little effort?

Basically, what you would do is change the "background" of your slides to use the background of the templates we provided. We have prepared a set of how-to documents which cover the required steps in detail, depending on the software used.

These documents are available as PDF files in the speaker support download area.

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