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ALL01 eCS 3.0 plans and current status of driver development

vrijdag 10:15 Haarlemmerhoutzaal
donderdag 15:00 Haarlemmerhoutzaal

This session will give an update on the current state of various essential driver development projects such as the USB stack, eCUPS, NIC drivers and AHCI storage support. Furthermore, the long-term eComStation roadmap and plans of Mensys for the next release will be outlined.

ALL02 eCS community perspectives: FAQ and answers

vrijdag 11:15 Haarlemmerhoutzaal
donderdag 14:00 Haarlemmerhoutzaal
No presentation handouts available yet

This session will address the most frequent questions that arise from the eCS users and developer community and tries to provide the according answers. Topics include:How to increase the population of eComStation?What are the needs of users?How to make money on the eCS market?What you can do for eComStation?What are the perspectives of eComStation?How to use additional...

ALL03 The eCS development process - goals and strategies

vrijdag 14:15 La Place Feestzaal
zaterdag 10:15 La Place Feestzaal
No presentation handouts available yet

A lot of rumors is around when it comes to the development of eComStation and the often-critized project management of Mensys. This session will provide you with an insight into the approach to control the continuous evolution of eCS, the constraints the team is facing, the various challenges that arise and how they are handled including examples of what worked and what not.

APP01 Synchronisation pitfalls

donderdag 10:45 La Place Feestzaal
vrijdag 15:15 Haarlemmerhoutzaal

Synchronizing files between systems is not always as straightforward as it may appear. Depending on various factors the synchronization may fail at best or loose data at worst. In this presentation a look at the various pitfalls and possible solutions based on EasySync will be discussed.

APP02 When WYI is not WYG (When What You Input is not What You Get)

zaterdag 10:15 Haarlemmerhoutzaal
donderdag 16:00 Haarlemmerhoutzaal

Data input is probably the most important issue when using computers. It is often said "Garbage in equals Garbage out", but does the reverse always hold true? When using the keyboard as the main input device for a computer various factors come into play. The keyboard (layout), character sets, codepage, font, SBCS/DBCS, localization etc. This presentation will discuss these factors...

APP03 QT 4 / Java 6

vrijdag 11:15 La Place Feestzaal
zaterdag 14:15 Haarlemmerhoutzaal

The main focus of this session will be Java6, the origins of the project, its vision and why Odin was chosen as the foundation. Furthermore, the changes of milestones and the problems in porting the software will be explained. Last but not least, of course, there will be a live demo.

APP04 Tuning eCS and using the WPS the way it was meant to be

vrijdag 13:15 Haarlemmerhoutzaal
donderdag 14:00 La Place Feestzaal
No presentation handouts available yet

After a brand new eCS install on your laptop or workstation, a lot of things have to be done before eCS is doing what you want it to do. We all give our OS/2 or eCS operating system setups a personal touch. This ranges from fine tuning system settings to huge customisations of the workplace shell, not to mention the many little things in between. The main purpose of this session is to...

APP05 New must-have applications for eCS users

vrijdag 14:15 Haarlemmerhoutzaal
donderdag 11:45 Haarlemmerhoutzaal
No presentation handouts available yet

In the past months, eCo Software has continued the development of various end-user software packages. Some of these new and updated applications will be presented in this session, such as the DVD/CD Toys, Varenye backup, eCo Market service, Crypt Plugin, WPS extenders, and more. Moreover, the new File Open Dialog, the AMR speech codec and other...

APP06 Managing operating systems with AiR-BOOT

vrijdag 15:15 La Place Feestzaal
donderdag 16:00 La Place Feestzaal

AiR-BOOT, originally developed by Martin Kiewitz, is an extremely versatile, rock solid and feature-rich boot manager. As such, it has become the preferred choice of many people for managing their multiple operating system setups, be it in a classic dual-boot only scenario or for managing a complex configuration with 3 or more operating systems...

APP07 eCups: Next Generation Printing Support for OS/2

donderdag 15:00 La Place Feestzaal
vrijdag 10:15 La Place Feestzaal

In recent years, support for modern printers has increasingly become a concern.The eCups project, which ports the Common Unix Printing System (used in MacOS X, Linux, and several other operating systems) to eComStation and OS/2, tends to overcome that situation.  This session describes CUPS and eCups in detail:What they are, how they work, and how to install...


vrijdag 16:15 Haarlemmerhoutzaal
zaterdag 13:15 Haarlemmerhoutzaal
No presentation handouts available yet

In the Linux world, RPM and YUM are well known applications for handling painless installation, removal, maintenance and automatic updates for software packages. In this session you will get an overview of the current state of the netlabs RPM/YUM porting project and how eComStation can benefit from its features.

DEV02 Ada, OS/2 and aircraft development

donderdag 11:45 La Place Feestzaal
zaterdag 14:15 La Place Feestzaal

This session will cover the following parts:A brief overview of the history and characteristics of the Ada programming languageBrief demonstration of the gnat compiler on OS/2Live demo of some programs for aircraft design(calculation of required runway lengths, block fuel, performance graphs etc.).Live demo of the automated generation of an aircraft performance report by...

WSH01 eCS HelpDesk

vrijdag 13:15 La Place Feestzaal
zaterdag 13:15 La Place Feestzaal
No presentation handouts available yet

Got trouble installing eCS? Have a nasty issue with a driver or can't get to solve a problem on your machine? Then bring it here - various renowned professionals of OS/2 and eComStation will be available to support you in a one-to-one, open-lab help desk kind of workshop. Please note that this is not a general FAQ session but the real "hands-on" thing! While...

INT01 So you want to run your own servers on ECS?

zaterdag 11:15 La Place Feestzaal
donderdag 10:45 Haarlemmerhoutzaal

The presentation will look at the requirements for running servers on eCS - both private and public facing. In particular it will look at Apache/2 for web, Weasel and MajorMajor for mail/mail lists and FTPD for FTP service. Please note that the mail section does *not* cover IMAP except in passing.

MME01 Uniaud: Internals and history

vrijdag 16:15 La Place Feestzaal
zaterdag 11:15 Haarlemmerhoutzaal

A high level overview of what Uniaud is and how it works.  The goal is to give users an understanding of what they can expect from Uniaud, what the limitations are, what the problems might be and how to overcome them.

EVT01 Welcome!

donderdag 10:30 La Place Feestzaal
No presentation handouts available yet

This is the official opening session for Warpstock Europe 2011 to welcome visitors, speakers and helping hands at this year's European OS/2 and eComStation community event.

EVT02 Goodbye!

zaterdag 15:15 La Place Feestzaal
No presentation handouts available yet

A short retropective session from the organizers of this years' event and their moment to thank helping hands, speakers and visitors. If you liked what you saw, be there to praise the event team for their dedication, passion and stamina.

EVT03 Q&A on WSE and eCS

Nog niet ingedeeld
No presentation handouts available yet

This will be an open Question-And-Answer session about eComStation and Warpstock Europe. Bring in your questions!

SLF01 USB Experimental Board

zaterdag 16:45 La Place Feestzaal

This session appears as a poster presentation. It gives an overview of the idea to access the 'Experimental USB Board Velleman K8055' with a set of sixteen DLL functions. It is an easy solution, much easier than writing a device driver. Wim Brul's generic USB device driver 'usbecd.sys' provides the fundamentals. The Device Specific Library K8055DD.dll covers the...