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FAQ uit/inklappen How can I support Warpstock Europe?

There are several possible ways to support Warpstock Europe. You can sponsor a particular event, help on-site while the event is running, link to our web site, or donate to warpevents.eu. For more information, please follow the link to the Support area above.

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FAQ uit/inklappen Who runs Warpstock Europe?

Actually, there are three parts to this answer.

Warpstock Europe events themselves are run by dedicated volunteers. Generally, there is an event team for each year that consists of different persons who have stepped forward to organise that particular event. Afterwards, that event team dissolves.

Between events, the warpevents.eu Steering Group takes over responsibility. This group consists of volunteers with experience in running events. Their task is to provide ongoing information about the status to the public, give advise to potential organisers, and support event teams in the planning and pre-event phase. This includes finding the best solution if more than one team is interested in running the next event.

The technical background is covered by warpevents.eu. This is a non-profit organisation of volunteers that provides the technical infrastructure for sharing information, communication, and organising an event.

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FAQ uit/inklappen Is Warpstock Europe a corporate event (IBM, Serenity Systems, etc.)?

No. The majority of the annual event team are professionals not affiliated with a specific company. A company may decide to support the event by providing funds or services, of course.

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FAQ uit/inklappen Which language are presentations held in? The one of the hosting country?

It depends on the event.

At Warpstock Europe, all sessions are held in English due to the international character of the event. Exceptions are only possible if both the audience and the presenter feel more comfortable in another language.

Things can differ at other events. This largely depends on the target group. At Warpstock Czech Republic, for instance, sessions are held in Czech or English, depending on speaker and audience. If required, on-the-fly translation is provided.

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FAQ uit/inklappen Is Warpstock Europe a family event?

Yes, and we welcome children under age 18 when accompanied by a registered parent or other responsible adult. However, Warpstock Europe seminars and events primarily cater to the information needs of OS/2 or eComStation users.

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FAQ uit/inklappen What should I do if I have special requirements?

We plan to hold all Warpstock Europe events in accessible buildings. Also, most catering services are happy to meet special dietary requirements, e.g., vegetarian, vegan, kosher, or other with prior notice. However, we encourage anyone with special requirements to contact the event team in advance.

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FAQ uit/inklappen What should I wear to Warpstock Europe?

We recommend something between "business casual" and "sporty casual" attire for all Warpstock Europe events. While jeans and a t-shirt will work, you might feel more comfortable at some events wearing clothing a bit more formal. Leave your suits/costumes and ties at home, though. Overall, you can't go wrong with jeans and a dress shirt.

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FAQ uit/inklappen Is it OK to bring a camera, tape, or video recorder?

Absolutely ... for your own personal use. As long as your recording device does not disrupt other guests, you can take all the pictures and recordings you want at all Warpstock Europe events, unless informed otherwise.

If you consider publishing your pictures or a video (web site, blog, newspaper, etc.), please respect the rights of each individual who can be identified on your material.

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FAQ uit/inklappen With the name of "Warpstock," is this some kind of Trekkie convention?

Nothing whatsoever, even though the name Warpstock has been—falsely—credited to a Mr. Spock relation. The first Warpstock was held at a time when the current version of IBM OS/2 was officially called "OS/2 Warp," and the event was to be in the spirit of Woodstock—with a slightly tongue-in-cheek motto of "peace, love, and OS/2." More information about the birth of this event is available on the History page of Warpstock, Inc.

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FAQ uit/inklappen Is Warpstock Europe only for users of OS/2 Warp and/or eComStation?

While the majority of sessions is centered around technologies related to OS/2 in its varying flavors and versions, much of the content is cross-platform, and may appeal to a wider audience.

For example, if you are a Linux user, you may find much of the presentations dealing with PHP and/or Java to be of interest, even though they may relate to OS/2 applications. Similarly, if you are a Windows user, you may find sessions on OpenOffice.org interesting, as well as PDF topics.

In fact, even if you have never used OS/2 before, you may very well find some things very interesting at Warpstock Europe: OS/2 and eComStation.

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FAQ uit/inklappen Is Warpstock Europe for business users of OS/2 Warp and/or eComStation?

Warpstock is for any user of OS/2 and eComStation. The variety of seminars and events is designed to appeal to the widest possible audience. We certainly welcome business users.

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FAQ uit/inklappen Waarom loopt deze site niet op een OS/2 server?

Hoofdzaak is dat het werk gedaan wordt met een minimum van geld en inspanning, en een maximum van betrouwbaarheid en duurzaamheid.

Geen enkele provider biedt OS/2 als gastheer aan. Dientengevolge zouden wij een specifieke server moeten huren en dat is duur, of iemand vinden die ons toestaat om onze machine aan hun serverpark aan te sluiten.
Het runnen van een eigen server vereist dat er constant iemand beschikbaar moet zijn als beheerder.

Dus kozen wij om de site 'als gastheer' te zetten bij een professionele provider die gespecialiseerd is in het CMS dat wij gebruiken.
Dit heeft de volgende voordelen:

  • De server hardware en het onderhoud van de software worden behandeld door de leverancier.
  • De eerste instelling en het onderhoud van de CMS software en de vereiste hulpmiddelen worden behandeld door de leverancier.
  • De serveropstelling wordt geoptimaliseerd voor de gekozen CMS.
  • Het gastheer pakket omvat steun voor CMS.
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FAQ uit/inklappen Waarom gebruikt u TYPO3? Het is overdreven ingewikkeld, langzaam, technologisch verouderd...

Er zijn een aantal redenen:

  • Deze website gaat een reusachtig project zijn. Wat u als huidige site warpstock.eu slechts een deel.
  • Wij hebben allerlei extra voorzieningen nodig.
  • De administratie en de verschillende inhoudsgebieden en de talen zullen door een groter aantal personen worden behandeld.
  • Een soort kwaliteitsverzekering voor de inhoud moet mogelijk zijn.
  • CMS moet dit kunnen behandelen en intussen een zuivere interface behouden voor de redacteurs van de inhoud.
  • Het professionele gastheer zijn moet beschikbaar zijn.

Wij kunnen u verzekeren dat wij ons bewust zijn van het feit dat TYPO3 een leercurve heeft. Maar de geleverde resultaten maken de inspanning lonend.

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