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Dmitriy Kuminov (Russia)

Dmitriy Kuminov

Dmitriy has been in the OS/2 world since 1995 when he started to use it as a server machine for the school network where he worked as a teacher. In 2004, with the assistance of, he was hired by a Norwegian company and ported the Qt graphical toolkit version 3 to OS/2. For almost five years afterwards he worked at InnoTek (and then at Sun) on the VirtualBox project.

In 2009, he was hired by again to port Qt4 and then OpenJDK 6 to OS/2. His current responsibilities are working on the OpenJDK port and providing support for the Qt4 port. Currently Dmitry works for the company Bitwise GmbH from Austria and works on Qr4, OpenJDK, ODIN and other eComstation OS/2 projects.


  • APP03 QT 4 / Java 6
    Friday 11:15 La Place Feestzaal
    Saturday 14:15 Haarlemmerhoutzaal